Introducing our very special feature on the design and decorating of period dollhouses

I think everyone likes furniture on a day today basis we probable don’t think that much about it. We sit on it, eat off it ! sleep on it! Its just there. But then one day swill something happens, we look around our living space and suddenly furniture takes on a new perspective.
Now we have a problem, a problem that yesterday or this morning or sometime even minutes away did not exist. Now this problem has taken over all other thoughts and resolving it has become a priority. So what actually is the problem? And what caused this problem? The problem is we have seen a piece of furniture that will transform our living area into a room that better homes and Gardens will want to rush over to photograph. Well not quite, but you know it would look perfect in in your room. You can move this existing cabinet over there and move the table in its place you can move the armchair beside it but hang on that won’t work. Let’s try moving the couch over there and the TV over here, no that won’t work. You just don’t have space. Okay another idea I will give this chai away, no I can’t do that I like it, its really comfortable. Okay I will sell the cabinet and replace it.No that wont work I need the cabinet to keep all my books tidy ,
So there in lies the problem not the furniture that you have but the space and really you furniture is very nice so why do you want more furniture. Well it’s a bug, yes a fixation we really do love furniture. We admire the construction. We like the fabric, Furniture from different eras and periods interests us. We think of our ancestors and what they furnished their homes with and how they decorated them . Its Nostalgia, a natural human instinct. I have a solution